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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 5, 2010 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm ron claiborne. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. it's sunday, december 5th. this morning, tax cut combat. two democratic bills to extend cuts for the middle class failed to pass, as republicans hold out to extend the cuts to the wealthy, as well. if there's no deal, everyone's taxes will go up in just three weeks' time. can they reach a compromise before then? and wintry wallop. the midwest is slammed by a fast-moving snowstorm, that snarled traffic and canceled hundreds of flights. now, bitter cold is bearing down on half of the country. hard landing. a plane in russia makes an emergency landing, flies off the runway and breaks apart. two people died. but hundreds more survived, thanks to the pilot's quick thinking. and mascot mayhem. why is this mascot being pinned down by the police? we have the details on the overzealous bearcat who got
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carted off by the cops. good morning, everyone. want to welcome ron back to the anchor seat. dan's on assignment. >> thank you very much. >> good to see you this sunday morning. it was a busy day in washington yesterday. the tax fight heads from the senate floor to a back room bar bargaining with a new year's deadline for a new deal closing in. but there's signs that a deal could possibly be in the works. bianna, do picky eaters drive you nuts? >> why are you looking at me? >> well, it might not be their fault. think about this. we'll tell you about new research that says they could have a form of eating disorder. but how do you know if your child is just stubborn? or if there's something else going on? we'll get into that coming up. >> a lot of parents want to watch that, as well. also, while a lot of us are doing our christmas shopping on the internet, how about this? how about getting your christmas tree on the internet? the big debate before was whether to buy a fake or real tree. now, a lot of people are going
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online to click on the tree. having it shipped to you. >> some say it's cheaper and easier. but could it replace the holiday tradition of going out and search for the perfect tree? we'll find out. we begin with the crucial behind-the-scenes talks set to begin between the obama administration and republican leaders. the two sides are trying to reach a deal to extend the bush-era tax cuts, or at least some of them, before all of them expire at the end of the year. and david kerley is following all the action this weekend in washington. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, ron. the president is working the phone today. staff will be meeting behind the scenes. the president admits this is now about compromise. and he may give in. democrats, some do say, cave in, to republican demands, to extend the tax cuts to the wealthy. all this after the senate failed to extend those tax cuts to the middle class. >> i'll admit, i'm very disappointed that the senate did not pass legislation that had already passed the house of representatives to make middle-class tax cuts permanent. >> reporter: but that legislation never had a chance.
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despite democrats trying to shame republicans. >> we're passing a tax cut for every person in america. >> they're demanding that the wealthiest americans get a tax cut that is 1,000 times the size of the average american. >> reporter: democrats tried to make permanent the tax cuts for those making less than $250,000 a year. then raise the tax breaks to anyone making up to $1 million a year. >> mr. alexander, no. >> reporter: the deadline is looming. the tax cuts expire at the end of the month. if they do, someone making $65,000 a year would see their taxes go up $2,200. for someone making $600,000, they'll see their taxes increase $14,000. so, the senate showdown, or just show, let democrats try to paint the republicans as protecting the rich. republicans were having none of it. >> here we are, on a saturday. we don't need a dog and pony show going on on a saturday. >> reporter: now that democrats have made their point,
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negotiations begin again. the outlines of a possible deal, the president breaks a campaign promise and allows all the tax cuts, even for the rich, to be extended. at least for a couple of years. in exchange, the republicans then agree to extend unemployment benefits, pass some tax credits the president wants and possibly agree to a ratification vote on the s.t.a.r.t. nuclear treaty with russia. the president says he's ready to roll up his sleeves, redouble his efforts. we're hearing from some hill sources, next week the outlines of that deal could come together. bianna? >> okay, david kerley. thank you. joining us now from washington, is abc news political analyst, cokie roberts. cokie, good morning to you. >> good morning, bianna. >> as expected, the republicans stood firm with their vow not to let the tax cut expire for the wealthiest earners. the ball is in democrats' court to come up with a compromise. cokie, what is that going to entail? >> as you heard from david, keep the tax cuts for everybody for a couple of years. and extend unemployment benefits. those unemployment numbers were
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very high last week. and we're seeing things like more college graduates unemployed than ever before in history. that's something that both sides are now beginning to pay attention to. the president is under pressure here. the left of his party is very unhappy with him for compromising with the republicans. but he also understands, if these tax cuts don't go into effect, that he's the guy that's going to get blamed. >> and that is the question. all eyes are on the president. what kind of influence can he have? he says he's ready to roll up his sleeves and delve in here. >> he can have all of the influence in the world. and senate republican leader, mitch mcconnell, says he's talked more with the white house and the president in the last two weeks than in the last two years. and maybe that's the real message here. perhaps, just perhaps, these two sides might be willing to work together. and that would make voters quite
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happy. >> so, given your expertise in the area, what are the odds we can see a deal reached before the end of the year? >> i think they're pretty high, unless republicans decide that they really want to blame the democrats for having the tax cuts run out. and then, pass it next year with a new, republican congress. that's the only thing that could hold it up. >> all right, cokie. the clock is ticking. three weeks to go and counting. thanks for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. good to see you, cokie. >> good to be with you. >> ron? >> all right, bianna. the president will be completing his assessment of u.s. strategy in afghanistan this morning. we begin our series, our long series, all week reports on "afghanistan, can we still win?" we're taking a hard look at the cost of the nine-year-long war and what the withdrawal of combat troops could mean. and "this week" host, christiane amanpour, has covered the war extensively. she joins us from washington live. good morning, christiane. >> good morning, ron. >> a few days ago, in afghanistan, the president told troops we are breaking the momentum of the taliban.
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but the reports that progress has been modest and uneven. does the white house -- does the military believe that the current policy can, in the meaningful sense of the word, succeed? >> well, in short, general petraeus and since the surge of troops in afghanistan, has said, that they are making headway. however, crucially, it is not irreversible. and as you've seen, he's been laying the groundwork over the last several months for a longer term. we're doing well. give us more time. and so, you've see the deadline shift from summer 2011, to the end of 2014, for an end of u.s. combat operations. and that's where the hope is that by then, they will be able to have afghans in the lead. >> as a practical matter, christiane, what would define, in the eyes of the white house and the military, success in afghanistan? >> well, what they want is to put the taliban sufficiently back on its heels so they can get governance in the provinces around afghanistan. and that the afghan forces, both army and police, can take over.
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so, that really is the metrics. plus, of course, crucially, that afghanistan does not become, yet again, a petri dish for the kind of terrorist concoction that led to 9/11. >> thanks very much. george stephanopoulos will be joining us tomorrow. and later on, join christiane, later on "this week" where her guest will be general wesley clark. for a look at the morning's other top stories, over to jeremy hubbard. >> good morning. >> in the news this morning, the controversial website wikileaks is going to fight to stay online this morning. the site has been dropped by its main server in france, at least temporarily, preventing many people from accessing its trove of secret u.s. government documents. it's also lost a major source of funding. online payment service paypal cut off its account, saying the website is engaged in illegal activity. russian authorities are trying to figure out what caused the engines to fail on a passenger jet on saturday, causing it to make an emergency landing. 2 people were killed and more
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than 80 injured when the airplane skidded off the runway. abc's lama hasan has more. >> reporter: it is a terrifying sight. a passenger plane split in three. its nose dug into the ground. its tail toppled. remarkably, almost everyone survived. but it was a close call. there were only a few meters left, before the fence, this survivor recalled. had it hit the fence, for sure, the plane would have caught on fire. this cell phone video from a russian news agency, ria-novosti, capturing the harrowing moments after the crash. trouble began just 30 minutes into the flight. two of the plane's engines failed shortly after takeoff. as it approached the runway, the third engine failed. the plane skidded off the runway, breaking into three pieces. we thanked the crew for landing without engines from such a height. can you imagine, this man says. this type plane does not have a clean safety record. even russia's national carrier,
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aeroflot, stopped using it a after a series of crashes. >> the number of accidents in russia have risen and fallen over time. but russia is in the process of rebuilding their civil aviation system. and it's a long process. >> reporter: authorities have now launched an investigation to find out why the engine failed. for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, london. back here at home, tailgating before a rivalry game between usc and ucla turned ugly last night. 2 people were stabbed and 2 police officers injured in a brawl involving about 50 people in the rose bowl parking lot. three men were arrested. one on suspicion of attempted murder. and speaking of football, college football's national championship game is all set. the number one team in the country, oregon, beat oregon state, 27-20, to finish its season undefeated. and second-ranked auburn, blew out south carolina, 56-17. the ducks and the tigers play in the national title game on january 10th. the five other major bowl games will be announced tonight.
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and finally, an amazing rescue caught on video. a man fell on to the train tracks at a station in madrid, spain, on friday. look closely. now, passengers started waving immediately, trying to stop an oncoming train. then, an off-duty policeman jumped on to the tracks, and pulled the man to safety, with just seconds to spare before the train rolls through. you can imagine -- here it is one more time. the off-duty cop was worried that a train would be coming from the other direction. but he still jumped down there. and this cop is two months out of the academy. he's fresh to the job. and immediately jumping to his help. >> you see people trying to flag the train down. >> it's pretty amazing. yeah. >> i wonder if the guy in new york jumped on the track and saved the guy because he didn't want to be late for work. >> didn't want to get the -- whatever, right. we want to go to weather now. stephanie roberts is back with us this sunday morning from our tampa affiliate, wfts. good morning again to you, stephanie. >> good morning. well, the midwest is digging out from the most significant snowstorm of the season so far.
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now, the eastern half of the country is bracing for bitter cold. a fierce, winter storm plowed through 12 states, spreading snow, sleet and slush the dakotas to as far south as north carolina. the storm created havoc with the nation's air traffic control. >> the connecting flight i guess was delayed. so, i waited quite a lot of time. and i just decided to spend the night here. >> reporter: more than 300 flights were canceled at chicago's o'hare airport. drivers will spend a lot of time this morning digging out their cars and navigating treacherous roads. >> the main streets are pretty well plowed. so, they're not too bad. but you get off the main streets and it's bedlam. >> reporter: winter is still 16 days away. but even the southeast is feeling the effects of this winter blast with raleigh and asheville getting several inches. since friday, a foot of the white stuff has fallen in minneapolis.
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while parts of the ohio valley has seen up to nine inches. and the windy city of chicago clocked in with five. now, across the entire eastern half of the country, a deep freeze is settling in, as a cold front dips down from canada, bringing with it temperatures 20 degrees below normal from the mississippi east. >> it's very cold. it's windy. and winter is here. >> reporter: but the cold and snow is great news for skiers and sledders, young and old alike. >> first snowfall of the year. got to get the kids some sleds and show them how to sled. >> if it's going to be this cold, why not have snow? >> good theory. well, you're going to have to bundle up if you're going out to play in this snow. this is the coldest air this season. minneapolis, you're at 5 degrees right now. new york, the coldest this season at 30. and the cold is going to keep on coming. the cold front, dropping through florida as we speak. and look at these temperatures. orlando, you may be in the 60s today. but you'll be 20 degrees below normal with highs only in the 50s by tuesday. atlanta, you're going to be as cold as new york. so, there is just an extreme cold snap over much of the country. we're also posting some freeze warnings and watches all the way across florida. we'll talk more about a storm in the west, coming up.
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bundle up. ron and bianna? >> i didn't bundle up last night. i paid the price for that. >> oh. >> yeah. well, the holiday ad blitz is under way, as it always is this time of year. this year, thrown into the mix, something very different. holiday ads that will surprise and surely disturb many people. billboards, television and print ads by organized atheists mocking religion. the nonbelievers are determined to take on the believers on their own turf, during the peak of christmas and hanukkah
7:15 am
season. >> a woman should learn in quietness and full submission. i do not permit a woman to teach or have authority over a man. she must be silent. >> reporter: this month, this commercial began airing on national network television. >> the rights of men and women should be equal and sacred. >> reporter: the american humanist association, nonbelievers in god, is spending $200,000 on a new series of tv and print ads to promote atheism and counter the religious overtones of the thanksgiving/christmas holiday. last week, this billboard went up on one of the main highways from new jersey to manhattan. it's an offensive by organized atheists guaranteed to offend many believers, which is exactly the point. >> doing the ad campaign during the holiday season shouldn't be different than doing them at any time of the year. except for the idea that it's taboo. we would like for that taboo to be set aside. >> reporter: the ads are designed to mock organized religion.
7:16 am
while encouraging atheists to come out of the closet. this billboard ran in seattle last christmas. and these are currently up in madison, wisconsin, and elsewhere. >> my name's chandler. and i deny the existence of the holy spirit. >> reporter: many atheists complain that religion is oppressive. and too intrusive in american society and politics. some liken their status to that of gay americans 20 years ago. >> we are still at the bottom of the totem pole with society acceptance. and that is really harmful. there are many atheists and agnostics who are afraid to come out of the closet. afraid to identify themselves. >> reporter: not surprisingly, many religious people are angered by what the atheists are doing. especially right now. >> they have to use our season to make their point because they have no season for themselves to celebrate. that's exactly the problem with atheists who are activists. >> i don't think they should do it during the holiday season. that can ruin a lot of people's holidays. >> reporter: but others are more understanding. >> might not be what i believe in. but they're protected under the law. >> reporter: some atheists who
7:17 am
claim there are 34 million fellow nonbelievers in america say this coming christmas season is the perfect time to have this discussion. here's how this discussion has gone so far. in response to the atheist billboard that says you know it's a myth, celebrate reason, a new york-based catholic group has put up their own billboard. it says, you know it's real. this season, celebrate jesus. and atheist leaders have fired back saying this is now a war. and if they want a war, they will get it on. anything but peaceful. >> if they wanted to grab people's attention, they got that. this time of the year, the holiday season. we want to stay on the topic of holiday season because it's hard to imagine christmas without christmas trees. right? well, here in new york city, they're pretty easy to come by. in some neighborhoods, christmas trees are as prevalent as starbucks. that's not always the case for the rest of the country. jeremy, you've been exploring this story. there's some other options other than just going up to the attic and getting the old tree, right? >> right. why not skip all of that? here's an idea. sit down in front of the
7:18 am
internet, plop down on your couch and order one. it almost sounds blasphemous. we're supposed to hunt for the right tree and slap it atop the station wagon. but retailers are eager to make it easier for us. >> there it is. >> reporter: the griswolds pursued the perfect pine in "christmas vacation." >> isn't it beautiful, audrey? >> she'll see it, later, honey. her eyes are still frozen. >> reporter: in "a christmas story," ralphie's folks had trouble finding a fir, too. >> this isn't one where the needles fall off, is it? >> no. >> reporter: but for the real-life murphy family. >> here's our christmas tree. >> reporter: it just got a little more convenient. >> ready to open it. >> reporter: this delivery doesn't go under the tree. it is the tree. >> the box came. it's a little, narrow box. and i thought this tree can't be a beautiful tree that lays out. but it was. >> reporter: online tree sales are taking root. this year, target and, are among the major retailers that are teaming up with tree farmers selling real christmas trees over the internet.
7:19 am
>> people are telling others on facebook and youtube. and we're getting even more customers that way. >> reporter: nigel manley runs a tree farm in new hampshire. online sales jumped 15% this year. >> to have it delivered to your door, in the box, is really convenient. >> reporter: on youtube, he shows customers how it's done. within 24 hours of being cut, the tree is stuffed in cardboard and on its way. the average seven-footer runs $60 to $100, plus another $30 to 50 for shipping. a bargain for shannon murphy. >> it is. it's probably 20% to 25% less than what you get on the corner. and it's fresh. they cut it two or three days ago. >> reporter: what about the family tradition of braving cold temperatures? shaking the branches? smelling the pines? >> you can't really see what it's going to look like on a website. >> reporter: or can you? it's something more and more families are considering, as online growers needle in on this christmas custom. obviously, for people in big
7:20 am
cities and apartments, this idea works pretty well. some tree farms will even scoop some fresh snow into the tree bag to add to that fresh-cut feeling. i have to admit, i was a doubter until we were at the murphys last night. and they opened the box and a tree pops out. it was magnificent and convenient. i mean, how do you beat it? >> they still prefer that to going out and walking around? >> it's easier. don't have to lug it home. >> don't have to worry about a squirrel flying out like in "christmas vacation." >> exactly. there's one tree stand in new york city that's selling trees for $900. so, this is a bargain. >> you mentioned it. designer trees. i don't get it. coming up, tiger roars again. tearing up the course this weekend for the first time since the sex scandal. will golf's biggest name finally win again? and do you know people who are painfully picky about their food? why researchers say they may actually have, listen to this, a disorder of eating, an eating disorder, also known as. >> either way. ♪
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[ female announcer ] yoplait's real fruit and the goodness of dairy... gives you a little slice of happy. and happiness comes in 25 delicious flavors. explore them all. yoplait. it is so good. now the yoplait you love in a new four pack. try it today. tiger woods, he's playing a tournament out in california. and he hasn't won in over a year, since that sex scandal broke out. he's eight strokes up on the pack. has a good chance of winning his first tournament since. >> could be making a comeback. we'll follow that next. also, picky eaters. is that something is just a habit? or is it actually an eating disorder? we'll take a look.
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♪ ♪ that beautiful backdrop. free flying over southern france. these folks took to the skies during the annual icarus cup. the event features hot air balloons, hang gliders and aerial acrobats. it's where our "weekend window" will open up later in the show. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> i'm ron claiborne. dan harris is on assignment this weekend. it's sunday, december 5th. also ahead this morning, are you a picky eater? is your child? well, it might not be a matter of taste. it may be a disorder of eating, eating disorder. we're going to go into that a little later and what you can do about it. that's coming up. plus, no harm in throwing a few snowballs, right? seems like fun. that's probably what the university of cincinnati's mascot was thinking when he got into a snowball fight with fans at the game yesterday. but it turned into much more than that.
7:31 am
you'll never believe what happened. we'll tell you, coming up next. first, tiger woods right now is looking a lot like the old tiger woods on the golf course. he goes into today's final round of a golf tournament in california, eight shots ahead of the pack. a seeming lock to win his first tournament, first title since his personal problems erupted a year ago. and mike marusarz is here to tell us how tiger finally got his game back on track. >> reporter: ron, guys, good morning to you. it's the tiger we knew. but with new stripes. lately, he's been more candid, revealing, even approachable. and that swing that made him a star? it appears to be back, too. >> it was well over a year ago. >> reporter: flashes of vintage tiger woods. >> that's an expression that we haven't seen a lot of. >> reporter: clawing his way back atop the leaderboard. >> if he wins, he's going to be making a big statement saying, whoa. not so fast. i'm not done yet. >> reporter: woods enters sunday leading the chevron, the last tournament for tiger, in what
7:32 am
has been a dismal 2010 season. both professionally and personally. >> been a long year. >> reporter: last thanksgiving, that infamous suv crash, seen here in tmz pictures, seriously injured woods. personally, it was crippling. revelations of a cheating scandal led to a divorce from his wife and several big-name sponsors. >> i'm deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior i engaged in. >> reporter: since returning to golf in april, the once-untouchable tiger has been tamed. he hasn't won a tournament all year. recently, a personality rebirth. the reclusive athlete opened a twitter account. >> he's the last person i ever expected to see on twitter. there's no more guarded individual. no more private, secret athlete that i've ever covered in sports than tiger woods. >> reporter: he posted this picture and tweeted his already
7:33 am
280,000 followers insights like i can barely grow a goatee. his goals for 2011, just win, baby. and his favorite movie? yep, the golf classic "caddyshack." he explained his transformation on espn's "mike and mike." >> i think it's about time i made a connection to the fans who have been absolutely incredible to me over the past year. >> reporter: and now, tiger's hibernation from greatness on the golf course may be ending, as one of the world's best tries to hack away his tarnished image. one stroke at a time. >> tiger needed it. >> reporter: if tiger wins today and lee westwood finishes second or worse in another tournament in south africa, woods will reclaim the title as the world's number one-ranked golfer. guys? >> it is interesting to see the transformation you were noting. about him using more twitter. getting more in touch with the fans.
7:34 am
>> reporter: a lot of people say he should have done a lot of things. but he should have done that last year and really connected to his fans who wanted to support him. but he's been so standoffish. throughout his career. >> he had to go through a long drought before he realized he needed to change his personality, as well as his game. >> reporter: i think that's what he's saying. we shall see. >> time will tell. let's get another check, with the headlines from jeremy hubbard again. >> good morning to you, ron, bianna, mike. good morning. in the news this morning, iran is claiming its nuclear program is now self-sufficient. for the first time, it's using uranium mined inside the country, which can be used to make a nuclear weapon. this comes just before tomorrow's meeting in geneva to persuade iran to stop the program. firefighters in israel expect to have the worst wildfire in its history under control today. two teenage brothers who may have started the fire through negligence, were arrested saturday. a candlelight vigil is planned this evening in michigan for the three, young brothers who were last seen on thanksgiving. the boys' father is being held in ohio for extradition to michigan on parental kidnapping charges. oprah winfrey and paul mccartney are among the five
7:35 am
stars receiving kennedy center honors tonight. the other honorees include merle haggard, jerry herman and choreographer bill t. jones. now, with the honors of weather, here's stephanie roberts from our tampa affiliate, wfts. good morning, stephanie. >> good morning. we have a lot of cold air over the eastern half of the country. and some of the cool air is moving over the still-warm lake waters in the great lakes. that's really going to kick off some lake-effect snow. we'll see snow totals of one to two feet as we go throughout the next several days. so, plenty of snow in the great lakes. heading over to the west, we're looking at warm and wet conditions there. phoenix, you'll be at 75 this afternoon. but the storm system there is also bringing heavy rain from los angeles up to san francisco. that will mean mountain snow. and actually, you're kind of below average in terms of rain for this rainy season. so, maybe rain won't hurt too much. we'll stay chilly in the east. those morning lows are cold this morning.
7:36 am
this weather report has been brought to you by kibbles and bits. rob and bianna? bianna, have you ever seen a college sports mascot go a little bit mad? well, check this out. >> no. >> the university of cincinnati's bearcat gets involved in a snowball fight with the crowd when the team lost to rival pittsburgh yesterday. >> the cops asked the mascot to stop throwing the snowballs into the stands. he didn't take them seriously. and he did shove a security guard. that's when cops pinned him down. and the bearcat got the boot from the stadium. you can see, he lost his head. the mascot was arrested for disorderly conduct for the snowball-throwing incident. what i find kind of funny, is that a backup mascot had to come out. >> i didn't know there was such a thing.
7:37 am
>> the second-string mascot, they had to bring in to finish the game. >> made his debut. coming up on "good morning america," the science behind picky palates. why it may not be just a matter of taste for fussy eaters. and taking flight at the icarus cup in france. our "weekend window" opens a little too close. wasn't my daughter's cabbage appetizer spectacular?
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well most of the time we think picky eaters are being just that, picky, and kind of a pain. but there may be more to it. in fact, in some extreme cases there may actually be a scientific explanation for a picky palate. for many kids, it's pizza and chicken fingers and not much else. for parents, having a picky eater as a child can be a challenge. >> a little bit of everything on your plate. >> no. >> reporter: but for some kids, it goes beyond just stubbornness. >> you want chicken nuggets? >> no. >> no. hamburger? >> no. >> hot dog? >> no. >> reporter: 7-year-old erin graham is not your average picky eater. she's an extremely picky eater. >> just one and that's it. we'll do it at the same time. >> no. >> reporter: erin will eat little more than certain breakfast foods.
7:41 am
she and her family talked about their ordeal with "nightline's" vicki mabrey. her refusal to eat is so bad, her parents sought out professional help. >> there's no amount to telling her you can't have this unless you eat that. it breaks my heart when she says to me i don't want to be this way. because she's hungry. >> reporter: researchers believe that erin is not alone. that she suffers from a rare, selective eating disorder, called food neophobia, essentially a fear of food. >> we're not talking about i don't like my broccoli or peas. >> reporter: this month, dr. nancy zucker of the duke center for eating disorders, is launching an online registry for parents of picky kids. a way to collect more information on this puzzling disorder. there's already an adult version, with some 9,000 people having already signed up. people like bob krauss. >> for lunch, i might eat a pack of lance peanut butter crackers or a bag of potato chips and a glass of milk. >> reporter: the hope is as
7:42 am
researchers learn more about this order, picky kids don't turn into picky adults. >> i really don't have a control over, saying you can't eat that. and dr. ian smith is joining me now from our chicago bureau to talk more about this. good morning, ian. >> good morning, bianna. >> a lot of people would assume this is a trivial topic. obviously we've seen certain cases where it isn't. how do you decipher if someone has a medical condition? or if they're picky, stubborn eaters? >> this is a controversial topic. some belief some belief it is a medical condition. by that, we mean people eat certain foods and have a physiological response to the foods. whether they're gagging. they have an upset stomach. some people say they fainted because of food. there's the other version of picky eating. that some don't like the way it tastes or the way it feels. those are just selectively picky eaters. you have to distinguish between the two. are you a picky eater from a physiological standpoint? or you just don't like the way it tastes? >> for those that choose to be picky eaters and don't like the way food tastes, how do they get
7:43 am
over that hurdle? >> well, it's not always easy. but it is doable. so, there's positive news to that. one thing i always try to tell people is try to change the way you prepare your foods. spices, for example, are a great way to change the flavor. sometimes it may be flavor that may be an issue. also the texture. some don't like the texture of a particular food. and lastly, try to mix new foods, foods you don't like typically, or aren't accustomed to, with foods you do like. therefore, you don't feel like you're kind of pressured to eat all of something completely new. balance the old with the new. and sometimes the mixing of flavors and tastes can make a big difference. >> and for parents who want to tackle this issue early on with their young kids, how do you suggest they introduce their children to new foods? >> it's interesting. my wife does it all the time. the first thing is to make food fun. fun food eating is so great for kids. if you can cut them into shapes. or they love to dip things. nice sauces or dipping sauces. that makes it fun. even toothpicks. kids like to eat things if they're on skewers. secondly, you know, you really
7:44 am
should try to make sure that you're kind of sneaking it in there. by that, i mean, take some of the foods they don't like and put it into food they like already. for example, take fruits and put it on top of cereal. you can take carrots and zucchini and put them in casseroles. or put them in the kind of food they're accustomed to eating but they don't know they're eating these healthy foods. lastly, stick to your routine. that means you should serve your meals and snacks about the same time. and about an hour and a half before the meal, don't let them eat the juices and the crackers and the cookies. let them come to the table with some hunger so they're motivated to eat. and they're more likely to try something new. >> here's a trickier question for you. how do you make food fun for the older people in your life? say your spouse, who doesn't like certain foods and just won't eat them? >> sure. well, first of all, it's a gradual process. and i believe you don't start by introducing new categories of food. for example, if someone doesn't eat raw fish or sushi, don't say let's eat some sushi. try to change the flavor of food they eat.
7:45 am
some spices they may like. and then, take those spices and add those with the new food categories. and then, they may actually say, this isn't so bad after all. it really is about trying to gradually get them to open their palate, rather than say, you know, bombard them with something completely new they're not used to. >> people have images in their mind and don't know what food tastes like. they just think they're not going to like it. there's different ways to help introduce them. >> and lastly, let me say, prepare the food. sometimes if people are in the kitchen themselves and preparing these new foods and they get to see the ingredients are, they're more likely to want to eat those foods, rather than going to an restaurant, without knowing what the ingredients are or how they're prepared. >> all right. dr. ian smith, great tips as always. have a great week. thanks for joining us. >> you, too. coming up on "good morning america," up, up and away in our "weekend window. america," up, up and away in our "weekend window."
7:46 am
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every year, aerial enthusiasts of every type gather in southern france for an event called the icarus cup. and paragliders, hang gliders and balloonists, you name it. they're all there. and our "weekend window" opens this morning, in high-definition. ♪ >> we really fell in love with france from the first time we got here. it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day. i think everyone's going to be up, flying today, for sure. >> i'm ben. i'm a hot balloon pilot. right now, we're at coupe icare,
7:50 am
37 nations, where all of the flying guys come to fly free. >> every year, balloons going up. and paragliders out of the sky. every aerial sport known to man, coming together for the biggest festival in the world. >> my grandfather was actually the first hot air balloon builder in france. he actually built them here. that was when i first got into it, when i was in the belly of my mother. so, it's a family thing for me. >> it's a free flight festival. so, they have to be somewhat free in letting you do what you can do. >> you can let go and just be fun. transform yourself into a flying animal. and show things that people are not used to. there is nothing else as pleasure.
7:51 am
>> defying gravity and exploring and traveling and doing as much as you can, with the time you have on this planet. that's really the goal of most every acropilot. >> i come from a place where people aren't doing a whole lot of this. not a lot of free flying. in france, it's humbling in a way because i realize that i'm just one of a zillion people that are totally in love with the exact same thing. ah! hurry up. you're heavy. are you sure these letters will get to santa? yes, of course. hold still. almost there.
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well, i'll be sure to watch that special launched tomorrow. george stephanopoulos on the ground in afghanistan. meantime, we want to thank you, stephanie. >> stephanie. >> for coming on this morning. and bringing the cold with you. >> i'll take it with me, all the way to florida. >> and jeremy? >> i'm staying here. i'm not going to florida. >> stay with us. >> i'd go to florida. but it's cold there, too. >> and you stay with abc news throughout the day. ri
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